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How often do you think about the person who made the jeans you’re wearing right now, or the farmer that grew the coffee beans in the coffee you’re sipping as you read this entry, or everything that went into making the cell phone that’s in your bag? I don’t know about you, but before I watched Annie Leonard’s “The Story of Stuff,” I have to confess that I didn’t give much thought to these things at all. That’s all changed, however. If you have a moment (or twenty minutes, to be exact), I highly recommend that you watch the animated short documentary “The Story of Stuff.” It’s a fast paced, eye opening look at the cycle of production, consumption, and waste, and makes connections to a range of environmental and social issues. You’ll never look at the “stuff” in your life the same.  As we get ready for National Library Week (April 11-17), and as Harper College Library plans activities based on our theme of Going Green, understanding how to break the cycle of unsustainable living beginning in our own lives is a good place to start.

I’ll be blogging in the coming weeks about ways that we can start being more “green.” Also stay tuned for the Green Research Guide that will be published very soon, where you can learn more about the topic of sustainability. In the meantime, hope you enjoy “The Story of Stuff” and start thinking about the things you can do to start living more sustainably.

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Posted March 31, 2010 by emailhannah in What's New?

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