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Library of Congress to digitally archive all tweets   Leave a comment

If you mentioned the word “twitter” four years ago, most likely people would have assumed you were talking about birds or other such thing. Today, the word is ubiquitous, and the automatic assumption is that you’re talking about the micro blogging platform and not necessarily anything to do with birds. It’s become clear that while Twitter can seem mindless (do you really want to know what someone is doing every moment of the day?), its usefulness as a gathering force for political and social activism has made it a very important platform in the world today. Indeed, just think of how it was used in Iran during its Green Revolution, among other such examples.

People have certainly acknowledged the importance of micro blogging in the exchange of information regarding important world events. So too has the Library of Congress, which announced very recently that it plans on digitally archiving every public tweet, collecting and preserving it for our national good. Imagine the research possibilities—looking at how people exchanged information to plan political dissent, react to world tragedies, respond to a real time exchange of information. Google has also recently developed a real-time search platform that lets you search through posts in Twitter at a specific moment in time—which can be a gold mine of information.  

Just think—someone could stumble upon your Twitter posts years from now, and use the information in their PhD research… It’ll make you think twice about what you’ll post next!

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