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Harper College Library: Impressions   Leave a comment

Students, faculty, and staff share their impressions of the Harper College Library in this ten minute video:

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American Born Chinese: A Graphic Novel   Leave a comment

Harper College Library has a sizable graphic novels collection, and they seem popular with students—whether they are used for class or leisure. While they aren’t housed in a separate section (some are shelved in the Best Sellers section, some are on reserve at the circulation desk by faculty request, and most are in the main stacks), you can easily see which graphic novels we have by doing a subject search in our library catalog. Just type in the words “graphic novels” and remember to select “Subject” as your search criteria. Then click on the subject heading “Graphic novels” and you’ll be presented with a list of all of the graphic novels we have in our collection (we have over 60 titles and counting).


If you’re new to graphic novels and don’t know where to start, consider checking out American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang.

American Born Chinese contains three seemingly unrelated storylines: of Jin Wang and his struggles as a middle school student wanting to fit in; of the Chinese folk hero Monkey King; and of the plight of Danny, an all American teenager, and his stereotypically Chinese cousin Chin-Kee. The three stories are masterfully woven together and comment on identity, race, and self acceptance. It is well worth a read. For a preview of the look and feel of the graphic novel, as well as to hear commentary by the author, check out this video from

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Research @ Harper College Library   Leave a comment

We have a new display near the entrance to the library showcasing the Research @ Harper College Library posters we’ve been working on all semester. We contacted various student activities groups on campus and invited them to participate in photo shoots, where they brought books about the things they’re researching. Getting to know these student groups and creating the posters was a lot of fun, and we hope to be able to do more in the future.


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Get Your Harper ID at the Library This Summer   Leave a comment

Attention new students (or returning students who do not have a Harper ID–you know who you are!): you can now get a Harper ID issued right here in the library. Stop by the circulation desk on the first floor to take your ID photo and have your ID issued within minutes. This is a new service, and will take place on Tuesday, May 25, Thursday, May 27, Tuesday, June 1, and Thursday, June 3 from 10am-4pm. This’ll save you the trek you normally would have had to take to get to the Box Office in J Building. There haven’t been any lines at all, so stop by the library to get your ID issued!

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To Kill a Mockingbird: A Classic Turns 50   Leave a comment

Atticus, Boo, Scout. No last names are necessary, because chances are, you’ve probably read the classic American novel that features these unforgettable characters. In fact, you might have a copy of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird somewhere on a bookshelf right now. There’s a reason why this bestselling novel—which earned the author a Pulitzer Prize—has never been out of print and still remains a top selling novel after all these years. The book sensitively confronts the issues of race relations in the South and shows the importance of maintaining an open mind, not showing prejudice, and treating others fairly. As Frank Lyell points out in the July 10, 1960 book review he wrote for the New York Times, the moments that show this clearly help Scout to “decide very early in life that no matter how you try to divide up the human race, there’s really ‘just one kind of folks. Folks.’”

To celebrate the book’s fiftieth birthday, towns across the country will be hosting events, parties, readings, discussions, and performances all summer. HarperCollins Publishers has issued a special fiftieth anniversary edition of the book, and filmmaker Mary Murphy has interviewed prominent figures and compiled them in the documentary Scout, Atticus, and Boo. Although Harper Lee, 84, is not expected to take part in the festivities—she’s renowned for keeping out of the spotlight and living a very private life—To Kill a Mockingbird has maintained a legacy that speaks volumes.

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Finals Week: Cookies in the Library!   Leave a comment

For the cookie monster in all of you– rejoice! There will be cookies in the library all during finals week. Come by the library, study for a final or two, and munch on some cookies while you’re at it.

Sesame Street: Cookie Monster In The Library

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Celebrate Preservation Week @ your library, May 9-15   Leave a comment

This week marks the first national Preservation Week, which is a public awareness campaign about collections preservation.

Libraries across the U.S. will provide information and expertise on how to preserve collectables, photos, family records and other valuable materials.

“Libraries offer more than just books, they also are an excellent resource for high-quality information and expertise on how to preserve family keepsakes,” said ALA President Camila Alire. “Preserving items such as old photographs, letters, collectables and family movies, provides a map of the past and access to a full range of information that can impact the future.”

The Preservation Week Web site ( provides excellent resources, tracks programs across the country, enables people to share their stories, and provides information on a wide variety of preservation issues.

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