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The Tree of Knowledge is an iconic piece of art that usually decorates the Quiet Study area in the Harper College Library. Help us spread your own love of libraries and books by contributing to an online interactive slideshow that will include your favorite book and/or book review.

Here’s how it works:

Using the comment feature on VoiceThread–a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos–you can add text, video, or audio of the following:

* Your favorite Book

* A short book review

* A favorite book quote

* Why you love libraries

Be sure to include your name!

In addition to this VoiceThread, your contribution will be added to a postcard on the Tree of Knowledge during the Library After Dark activities on April 15 during National Library Week.

Add to the Tree of Knowledge VoiceThread here.

Or if you prefer, add your book reviews (or etc.) in a comment. Your contribution will be added to the Tree of Knowledge during National Library Week (April 12-16)

The Invention of Hugo Cabret   1 comment

Attention graphic novel fans, art students, and anyone who appreciates amazing illustrations! Check out Brian Selznick’s award winning illustrated novel, The Invention of Hugo Cabret.  It’s the first novel that has ever won the Caldecott Award, which honors illustrators of children’s picture books. But don’t be fooled. Similar to the reception of the Harry Potter series, this novel has garnered well deserved attention from adults as well as children. Within its pages is a whole new reading experience, as Neal Wyatt notes in her July 2007 Reader’s Shelf column, “Beyond the Funny Pages: Comics in Fiction.” It is “a hybrid of words and pictures (black-and-white drawings, movie stills, and archival photos) that jointly work to tell a story, each dependent upon the other for narrative flow.  It is an amazing and groundbreaking achievement.” The plot is just as compelling as the format of the book, following the mysterious adventures of an orphan living within the walls of a Paris train station. In an interview, Selznick shares the ‘story behind the story’ of The Invention of Hugo Cabret regarding the great French film director, George Méliès. Enjoy this unique book, then watch for the movie scheduled to be released in 2011!

Hugo Cabret

Written by Connie Bach

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